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The Ceiling / Floor units, thanks to their versatility, are the ideal solution for difficult installation situations and can be installed on the ceiling or on the floor. Modern in design and with fine lines, they are suitable for different styles.

  • Refrigerant R32.
  • The automatic horizontal and vertical oscillation function allows for a more homogeneous and comfortable air flow.
  • More than 60% of the parts and components (such as fans, plastic guards, metal parts, etc.) are universal for the 3 different bodies, which makes production and maintenance easier
  • Wi-fi remote control (optional).
  • KJR-12B / DP (T) -E remote control (optional).
  • Possibility of connection to the centralized controller CCM09, CCM15 or CCM30
  • Turbo mode, allows cooling or heating in a short time.
  • The new outdoor air can be directed to the room through a connection duct, thus allowing for the renewal of air and, consequently, a healthier environment.
  • Compatible with the Twin system (models of 24 and 36,000 Btu / h), in which two indoor units with the same capacity can be connected to an outdoor unit.
  • Dry contact for on / off and alarm
  • Anti-corrosion treatment “Golden Fin”.


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