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The duct units allow flexible installation with low noise levels, being the ideal solution for flexible and discreet air conditioning.

  • Refrigerant R32.
  • Low profile, with a height of 210 mm.
  • Maximum static pressure of 160Pa.
  • Larger range of static pressure available and longer duct length.
  • Compatible with the Twin system (models of 24 and 36,000 Btu / h). Two indoor units with the same capacity can be connected to an outdoor unit.
  • Air return from the rear (standard) or from below (optional).
  • With constant air flow technology, the unit automatically adjusts the required pressure in order to keep the air volume constant. Installers can calculate and adjust the volume of air, even in situations where the static pressure exceeds the predicted limits.
  • Dry contact for on / off and alarm
  • Integrated condensate pump allows an elevation of up to 750 mm.
  • The multi-zone control function allows you to control different spaces or zones individually.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment “Golden Fin


  • Central Controller (CCM09, CCM15, CCM30)
  • Wifi remote control
  • Infrared remote control (RG57A2 / BGEF)


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