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The main features and advantages of this solar panel are:

- Polyethylene plastic solar pickup, ideal for heating swimming pools;
- 8 hydraulic connections (Ø 25 and 40 mm) for any configuration and installation;
- Extension of the bathing season.

( Thanks to its design and performance it is an ideal system for heating swimming pools, allowing to extend the bathing season to months like May or September);

- Ease of installation.

( The necessary accessories are minimal, as they are easy to install, which translates into a comfortable and economical system);

- Direct circulation of the pool water.

- The POOl 2.2 model is sold in batches of 4 units.

( System that interleaves directly with the filter circuit, without the need to include additional impulse pumps);

- 5 year warranty.

Pool 1.2

Pool 2.2

Measurements (mm)

1,090 x 1,110 x 15

2,000 x 1,110 x 15

Usable area (m²)




η0 = 81.70% K1 = 24.29 W / m2 · K

Polyethylene Solar Panel for Swimming Pools

SKU: pool
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