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Main features:

- Autonomous primary purification system for domestic wastewater.

- Compact equipment with primary decanter and integrated anaerobic biological filter.

- The function of the biological filter is to digest the organic matter in the water, due to bacterial colonies that proliferate in the filtering material.
- Theoretical performance with elimination of MES of 80% and BOD of 50%.

Deposit 1000L: Flow rate (l) 600, Length 1235mm; Width 720mm; Height 1300

Deposit 1500L: Flow rate (l) 900, Length 1880mm; Width 720mm; Height 1480

Deposit 2000L: Flow rate (l) 1200, Length 2020mm; Width 880mm; Height 1650

Deposit 3000L: Flow rate (l) 2250, Length 2630mm; Width 880mm; Height 1650

Deposit 5000L: Flow rate (l) 3750, Length 1930; Width 1930mm; Height 2235

Deposit 10,000L: Flow rate (l) 7500, Length 2400; Width 2400mm; Height 2870

Septic Tank with Biological Water Filter

SKU: Bio
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