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The solar collector included in the DS package was designed with the objective of achieving the best results in terms of harnessing and sustaining solar energy. For this, it was equipped with the best materials among which we can highlight the absorber. The absorbent collector of the DS Pack is made of a plate impregnated with a highly selective treatment, known as Tinox, which improves the absorbent properties and increases the use of solar radiation that can be converted into thermal energy. The internal conduits are arranged in the form of a grid and the union between the grid and the absorber is carried out by means of ultrasonic welding, which considerably favors the transmission of heat between the absorbent surface and the grid. The solar collector also has an innovative ventilation system that prevents condensation, in addition to tempered glass with low iron content and high insulation in rock wool. This glass is anti-reflective.

DS Pack Duo

SKU: dspadu
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