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Main features:

- For fast, safe and quality installation;

- Deposits in galvanized steel with corrosion resistance;

- They are equipped with a level indicator, leak detector and metal support in order to avoid direct contact with the ground;

- Contains handles for easy transport;

- Anti-fire;

- Manufactured according to the European standard EN 13341 according to the European directive DE 89/106;

Deposit 400L: Length 750mm; Width 700mm; Height with pallet 1,130; Weight 48kg

Deposit 620L: Length 750mm; Width 700mm; Height with pallet 1,620; Weight 62kg

Deposit 1000L: Length 1290mm; Width 760mm; Height with pallet 1,410; Weight 89kg

1500L tank: Length 1660mm; Width 760mm; Height with 1,870 pallet; Weight 150kg

Diesel Tank (Galvanized Steel Coating)

SKU: dgpp
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