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The AVANTTIA SOLAR boiler combines in one product, the use of solar energy with the energy from gas combustion.
This boiler makes use of solar radiation to heat the tank and provide domestic hot water at virtually no cost, whenever there is energy from the sun. It is a perfect solution for installations where you want to combine the production of heating and domestic hot water in a single device, and take advantage of totally renewable energy.

Main advantages:

  - High performance and energy savings - the condensing technology allows savings in fuel consumption in the order of 20% compared to other boilers;
- Automatic regulation according to the outside temperature;
- Excess management of solar radiation;

- Space saving and easy to use and maintain;
- Large production of domestic hot water;
- Installation of great longitude for gas outlet (up to 70m);
- Savings in electrical consumption (up to 50%).

Hybrid Solar Boiler (Solar-Gas) - Avanttia Solar

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