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Wood burning boiler inverted by gasification, flame inversion, thermo-controlled pyrolytic combustion with suction fan.

-Power range: 34 to 55 kW ;

-Inverted flame combustion;

-Optimization and control of combustion through the regulation of primary and secondary air;

-Class 3 EN 305-5: 2012;

- Gasification fan;

-Grill and fire bars in AISI 310S stainless steel

-High-strength thermal steel combustion chamber

-Interior rear wall in refractory material to eliminate condensation

- Combustion chamber door with full opening of 180 °.

- Full rotation anti-smoking door (with folding opening)

- Boiler body thickness of 8 mm ;

-Insulation with anti-tear rock wool panels (50 mm thick) and superimposed aluminum plate;

- Electronic on-off control panel with boiler probe monitoring for flow, return, smoke, accumulator circuit, solar thermal circuit.

- Automatic management of the boiler fan and the various types of systems: - heating only - heating and DHW production;

- Overheat safety exchanger , consisting of a steel coil;

- High Yield 90%

- Autonomy up to 6h

Boiler flame inverted by gasification

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