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The high efficiency of the boiler certified according to the European ERP directive with a Class A energy rating guarantees the lowest fuel consumption in its category.


Wood is a renewable source of energy traditionally used in homes that remains an economical and ecological alternative to non-renewable fossil fuels and subject to speculative market pressures that cause the cost of these fuels to suffer serious fluctuations. In addition, the easy access to firewood in some geographical areas allows to reduce energy costs, taking advantage of surpluses in agricultural or forestry activities.


The design of the boiler body and its smoke passages is designed so that the gases yield the maximum of their energy to the heat transfer fluid of the hip and consequently to the installation. The DUALTHERM boiler is able to significantly reduce the flue gas temperature, thus achieving the best performance on the certified market with an A + energy rating.


The DUALTHERM boiler has an electronic control that controls the amount of air required depending on the amount of fuel that is supplied, in order to reach the necessary temperature in the body of the boiler. This makes it possible to have unbeatable combustion characteristics even at low power. By being able to operate in a reduced power regime, great consumption savings are achieved, since the power of the boiler is adjusted to the needs of the installation. Because it has a wide range of modulation and can work at low power, the boiler start / stop cycles are reduced, preventing losses during shutdown.


With this boiler, you can enjoy the advantages of using firewood with the same comfort that any automatic pellet boiler offers.


The cleaning of the smoke passages and the burner of this boiler is automatic. It has a set of turbulators that, in addition to improving performance, are responsible for cleaning the remains of ash in the smoke passages. These turbulators are fixed to the axis of an engine by means of a cam system that periodically causes vertical movement, thus clearing the smoke passages. The pellet burner has an automatic ash cleaning system. The lower part of the burner combustion body has a cleaning system that periodically takes care of sending the ashes generated in the combustion, to the ashtray.

Dual Therm Pellets / Firewood Boiler

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