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The thermosiphon solar panel consists of several models, 18, 24 and 30 tubes.

It has a 316 stainless steel accumulator and 55mm polyurethane insulation on the outside, inlet and outlet ¾, electrical resistance 1 "¼, probe 1/2, magnesium anode 3/4, upper safety valve 1/2 and support structure. The tubes are vacuum and consist of double-walled glass tubes, vacuum between them, a copper tube that is inside the glass tube and its wall is covered with aluminum nitrate, an excellent temperature conduction material. vacuum causes less heat loss in the inner conduction of the tubes.

The advantages of this equipment are quite compensatory, it is possible to acquire a higher heat absorption yield, even when the temperatures are not very high, with a clear day in the middle of winter, it is possible to have yield of it.

Included in the Collector: Built-in 2000W Electric Resistance, 7 bar 90º safety valve, non-return valve, magnesium anode and terrace structure.

Painel Solar Tubos de Vácuo com Termossifão

SKU: termvacuo
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