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Main features:

- System that intercalates with the building's drinking water and connects with the water distribution pipe. It acts as a flow and pressure regulating element, ensuring a continuous water service.

- Prevents anti-corrosion of deposits and prevents the transmission of flavors and odors;

- Made of fully recyclable material, containing no toxic components;

- The interior walls are completely smooth, which favors their cleaning and maintenance;

- The deposits are green in order to improve resistance to ultraviolet rays and prevent the proliferation of algae and micro organisms;

- Very quiet, allows it to be installed inside any home.

- Factory pre-assembled kit.

- Complete kit to install on the surface, in a place protected from ultraviolet rays, high and cold temperatures, for domestic drinking water storage, being suitable for hyperchlorination treatment and treatment in agricultural industries.

- Composition: a closed Rothagua tank, a level regulator 1 ”, a discharge system Æ 50 mm, a submersible pump of 1 CV, a pressure regulator (guarantees a constant pressure of the water flow), a ventilation arrow with filter and a level indicator. It allows the union of several deposits. It also incorporates a bypass and automatic controller to use it or not, depending on the needs.

- 5 year warranty.

Deposit 500L: Length 1060mm; Width 660mm; Height 1380

Deposit 700L: Length 1060mm; Width 660mm; Height 1770

Deposit 1100L: Length 1060mm; Width 660mm; Height 2280

2000L tank: 2250mm length; Width 720mm; Height 2010

Potable Water Tank w / Automatic Control

SKU: Dep. Controle Automatico
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