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Main features:

- Wide range;
- Practical and economical solutions;
- Easy to transport, store and install;
- Suitable for the collection and accumulation of drinking water, rainwater and other liquid food products (juice, wine, olive oil, etc.);
- Prevents anti-corrosion of deposits and prevents the transmission of flavors and odors;
- Made of fully recyclable material, containing no toxic components;
- The interior walls are completely smooth, which favors their cleaning and maintenance;
- The deposits are green in order to improve resistance to ultraviolet rays and prevent the proliferation of algae and micro organisms;
- Made of high density polyethylene

Deposit 500L: Length 1060mm; Width 660mm; Height 1000; Weight 21kg

Deposit 700L: Length 1060mm; Width 660mm; Height 1400; Weight 27.5kg

750L deposit: Length 730mm; Width 730mm; Height 1640; Weight 28kg

Deposit 1000L: Length 1360mm; Width 730mm; Height 1330; Weight 34kg

Deposit 1100L: Length 1060mm; Width 660mm; Height 1900; Weight 42kg

2000L tank: 2250mm length; Width 720mm; Height 1695; Weight 85kg

Deposit 3000L: Length 2250mm; Width 9900mm; Height 1695; Weight 106kg

Closed Deposits Drinking Water

SKU: Deposito Fechado Agua
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