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Main features and advantages:

- All deposits manufactured are subject to strict quality controls;

- They are light, without welding, with handles in order to facilitate their transport;

- High resistance to corrosion;

- The raw material used (high density polyethylene) is of the highest quality;

- Dimensions adjusted to allow its installation in small spaces;

- Certification according to UNE 53432/92 and European standard EN 13341

- CE certification;

- 5 year warranty.

Deposit 700L: Length 1150mm; Width 700mm; Height with pallet 1,400; Weight 53kg

Deposit 1000L: Length 1150mm; Width 700mm; Height with pallet 1,910; Weight 69kg

1500L tank: Length 1660mm; Width 780mm; Height with pallet 1,780; Weight 98kg

2000L deposit: Length 241mm; Width 880mm; Height with pallet 1,690; Weight 170kg

Polyethylene Diesel Tank

SKU: poli
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